Women Veterans eNewsletter June 2012

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Greeting from Executive Director, Caleb Cage

Hello, and welcome to this, the first electronic issue of the Women Veterans Newsletter.  We are pleased to offer you this information in this new format and we hope that you will forward it to your friends who might be interested in learning more.  Aside from changing to an electronic version since our last issue, though, much else has occurred and has changed in the realm of women veterans’ interest in Nevada. As you all know, former Deputy Executive Director Carole Turner has retired and Kat Miller was appointed to the position by Governor Brian Sandoval in April.  During her tenure at the Nevada Office of Veterans Services, Carole served as the women veteran coordinator for the agency and built the current program as we know it.  Ms. Miller will continue in the great work started, continued, and championed by Carole, and she will also oversee this program under a new structure. Similarly, we have continued to develop our focus on women veterans’ issues here in the state.  Martha Dixon, one of our Veteran Service Officers out in Elko was able to represent the agency at the 13th annual training conference for the National Association of State Women Veterans Coordinators.  She was very pleased by the experience and has a lot of great information and mentorship to add as we develop this program.  We continue to participate in statewide women veterans programs and we receive updates on the popular Women Veterans License Plate announced last year as well. We have other exciting announcements to make but I will not do so here.  I will say, however, that there are a lot of really great and exciting things underway for the veteran community in Nevada, and that is true of the women veteran community too.  So, in the meantime, thank you for your service, and thank you for helping us continue to serve the veterans of Nevada. Link to Blog.    

Message from Kat Miller, Executive Deputy Director

I hope this eNewsletter finds you all in good spirits.   As a new member of the Nevada Veterans community I have been tremendously impressed with the efforts and dedication of the community in supporting veterans programs. The Nevada Office of Veterans Services is excited to share with you are plans to hire a new employee charged with coordinating the Nevada Women Veterans Program.  As of this writing, we have over 300 candidates so I am confident we will find a quality person to coordinate our state veteran programs supporting women veterans. As I begin my new adventure with the Nevada Office of Veterans Services, I would like to share my thoughts on Women Veterans Programs with you.  In the past I found it difficult to talk about issues specific to the women military and veteran communities.  Why?  Although our American culture promotes individuality, there are situations in which it is essential to behave according to group norms.  Military service can present these situations where the phrase "go along to get along" is often repeated in training to ensure harmony among men and women of different backgrounds. So, as a Soldier, I tried hard to be accepted as a part of the team I was a member of.  And, team members sometimes push aside their concerns or desires to preserve the harmony of your team.  Perhaps women do so more than men.   There is nothing wrong with this type of behavior and in fact it is critical at times, but there are other times that the needs of the diverse groups and individuals simply cannot be “blended in” with the needs of the larger group.  It has taken me some time, but I have cometo to accept that it is “OK” to point out an unfulfilled need or a problem that may only affect a smaller group; in this case women veterans.   Many of the Women Veteran’s past experiences, personal values, needs, and challenges reflect those of the larger veterans’ community and we should never separate ourselves from our larger “Band of Brothers.”  However, there are specific issues that can and should be addressed by the community of women veterans.  You, the women veteran, understand better than anyone the issues that affect your female comrades in arms.

There are serveral women's veteran groups in Nevada. While NOVS does not endorse ay particular organization, our goal is to make veterans aware of networking opportunities within the state. Below are two of the organizations specifically for women veterans you might want to explore. If you know of other groups, please pass this information to our webmaster. We need your energy, your wisdom, your experience, and your companionship.  Join in!

Las Vegas: Womens Veterans of Nevada. POC: Dixie Thompson. (702) 436-6796. sgtdixie@aol.com Reno: Lady Vets. Peggy Bowen. (775) 720-1960. nvangel@charter.net

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