Martha Dixon Recaps NASWVC's Training Conference

Sacramento, CA

May 15 – 17, 2012

Nat Assoc state women coordThe NASWVC’s Mission is to exchange ideas, information and training to facilitate reciprocal veterans benefits and services for women veterans and secure uniformity, equality and effectiveness in providing those benefits and services to women veterans; furthermore, to identify issues of concern to the women veterans community and develop recommendations to address those concerns through legislative, programmatic and outreach activities. The Vision of the NASWVC is to have equal access to veterans services throughout the country for women veterans, that they are able to receive care without problems or delays, are aware of all the benefits they have earned through their military service and that women veterans have an advocate they can contact should any questions or problems arise. In furtherance of this Mission and Vision the 13th Annual Training Conference covered a wide range of topics and trainings.  Included were motivational messages by Major General Mary J. Kight, USAF, Ret., Dr. Linda S. Schwartz, Commissioner, Connecticut Department of Veterans Affairs, and Brig. Gen. Wilma L. Vaught, USAF, Ret.  Additional topics and trainings included Homeless Women Veterans Trends and Services, VA Benefits Updates/Women Veterans Trends, Women Veterans Healthcare and a highly-informative State Coordinators Best Practices Workshop. I found the women of this Association to be genuine, warm and highly dedicated to women veterans’ concerns and causes.  It was an honor to participate in this event.
Zola Ferguson, Reno VAMC Women Veterans Coordinator, 775 786-7200 Ext. 1767.
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