New VSOs positions approved to serve Veterans in Las Vegas Area

The Interim Finance Committee (IFC) approved funding October 25, 2012, for the hiring of two new Veteran Service Officers for the Las Vegas and southern Nevada areas. The two positions are part of an overall plan re-aligning the Nevada Office of Veteran Services (NOVS) outreach effort and will be part of the Veterans Advocacy and Support Team (VAST).

“VAST is an approach which will allow our offices to better expedite our current caseloads while planning for the expected increase in veterans due to the nation’s military draw down. The two new VSOs will be significant to help us keep up with veterans needs and will play a role in rural outreach efforts throughout southern Nevada,” said VAST Program Manager, Jo Cantrell. The rural outreach was previously called the Mobile Outreach Vehicle Program but will now operate under the name “Rural Outreach for Veterans Enrichment and Resources” or “ROVER Program.”

“The new rural approach is designed to better utilize our staff resources enabling us to reach further into rural Nevada and on a more frequent basis,” explained Kat Miller, Executive Deputy Director. The ROVER approach will identify rural outreach zones around Nevada’s major population areas of Las Vegas, Reno and Elko. VSOs from those cities will be the contact point for veterans covering a pre-determined mileage radius. Rural areas beyond these zones will be visited by a traveling VSO on a regularly scheduled basis to provide a consistent contact person and location for veterans in rural townships.

“At a time when we are seeing an increase in veteran claims and expect an increase in the number of veterans in our state, we appreciate Governor Sandoval and the IFC addressing and supporting this need for our veterans,” said Miller. “The additional staff and re-alignment of our program will significantly improve the services we’re able to provide to our veterans.”