Jobs for Vets Event

Thursday November 8, the Large Vision Business Network Mixer will hold a job fair with a special time for veterans. The event will be located in North Las Vegas at 5546 Camino Al Norte, #251. From 9 am to 11 am, the event will focus on veterans only and veterans will need to bring their DD-214 for free admission.

When your military service is completed:

  • The skills, knowledge and experience you've acquired are in high demand by the best companies in America.
  • Employers know that ex military people make the best employees for any job. No matter what your military specialty there is a civilian job where your experience will put you at the top of the field and give you an advantage over applicants without military experience.
  • Many employers offer higher pay rates for military experience because you've already received the best training in the world.

11 01 12 - Job for Vets pamphlet

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