NSVH Admissions

Admission to the Nevada State Veterans Home is dependent on a variety of factors.  First and foremost, applicants must be able to benefit from admission to our Home.  Likewise, the Nevada State Veterans Home must be able to meet the individual needs of applicants - without compromising the applicant’s care or the care of residents already living in the Home.

Applicants must meet the following requirements:

  • Have a military discharge other than dishonorable

  • Be a spouse of a veteran who meets the above requirement or a Gold Star parent, (a parent that had any children who died during war time service in the Armed Forces of the United States)

  • Must be a current resident of Nevada or provide verification of Nevada residency at the time of enlistment in the military

  • Not require care the Home is unable to provide

  • Not exhibit traits that may prove dangerous to the applicant, residents, staff, or visitors

The first step toward admission is the completion of an application packet, accompanied by the following documentation, (when applicable):

Additionally, to be admitted, applicants must present a current, signed admission order, from a licensed physician, verifying the need for 24-hour skilled nursing care.

Applicants must complete all sections of the admission application and provide accurate and current information. This includes the financial section related to all household income and liabilities.

Residents must agree to pay a daily per diem and additional ancillary charges, such as physician visits and medications.  Charges may vary over time and between residents, depending on each resident’s situation. 

Some residents may be eligible for VA benefits, Medicaid, Medicare, military retirement, and/or Social Security. The Home also accepts private insurance. 

  • VA Form 10-10EZ

  • Military Discharge Form (DD-214)

  • Most Recent Income Tax Return

  • Durable Power of Attorney for Health and Finance

  • Veterans Benefits Card

  • Medicare and/or Health Insurance Cards

  • Social Security Card

  • Guardianship Papers

  • PASRR Screen (Coordinated through our Admissions Office)

  • Current Chest X-Ray (Completed 30-Days Prior to Admission)

  • Mantoux Tuberculin Skin Test

In addition to the information listed above, applicants’ scores on screening tools must fall within ranges deemed suitable for placement.


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