NSVH Admissions Process Overview

After an application packet is received, our Admissions Coordinator will review the packet to insure all documents and information needed to make an appropriate admission decision are present.

The Admissions Coordinator will forward completed application packets to the Admissions Review Committee, which will evaluate each application to determine if the Home is capable of providing the care the applicant requires.

Occasionally, additional information will be requested prior to a decision being rendered.  In these instances, the Admissions Coordinator will contact the applicant to let him/her know what additional information is needed.

Upon reaching a decision, the Admissions Review Committee will notify the Admissions Coordinator, who will then notify the applicant of the Committee’s decision.

When the Admissions Review Committee determines the Home is capable of providing the care the applicant requires, the Admissions Coordinator will schedule a date and time for admission.

If you are coming to the Nevada State Veterans Home from another healthcare facility, this process can take place in as little as one day. If you are coming from a residential, non-healthcare setting, this process is usually completed within ten business days from the time a completed application packet is received.

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