Bill Baumann - Chairman

Bill Baumann

Commission Chairman

Disabled American Veterans Representative


vsc_billB.jpgBill Baumann’s role as a Veterans Service Commissioner is to provide advisory support to the Director of the Nevada Office of Veterans Services, and review and make recommendations to NOVS and the Commission on veterans’ issues and bills being placed before the legislature. In this capacity, as in his roles as a member of the Southern Nevada Veterans Memorial Cemetery Volunteer Advisory Group and former member of the Southern Nevada Veterans Memorial Cemetery Advisory Committee, he assists NOVS in any way he can be of service to the mission to support the needs of Nevada’s veterans. He previously served as Commission Vice Chairman, and was elected Chairman in January of 2011.

Mr. Baumann, originally from Des Moines, IA, has lived in Nevada for 7 ½ years. He has a broad and diverse educational background, including training in mediation and conflict management, FAA air traffic systems, Defense Contractor management, and marketing. He retired from the Air Force in 1971, where he served in both the aircraft maintenance and flight operations fields and completed his career as an Non-commissioned Officer In Charge of Training in 22 specialist career fields. He served in both Korea and Southeast Asia, where he was launch control NCOIC at U-Tapio, Thailand, and trained Ethiopian Air Force technicians in country during the Cuban Missile Crisis. Mr. Baumann is a Life Member of the Disabled American Veterans, and provides oversight to the day-to-day operations of the DAV Transportation System throughout the State of Nevada. 

Mr. Baumann and his wife Joan have three children, sons William Jr. and Aaron and daughter Dana, and a grandson, Calvin.  He resides in Henderson and spends his free time repairing and delivering wheelchairs to America's Heroes in Nevada.