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KIA and Flag


The Triennial On-site Review was completed by the Veterans Administration in August and the results of the review were recently delivered to NDVS. While acknowledging there is always maintenance to be done, the NNVMC received high marks and recognition for the condition of the cemetery from review Cynthia Nunez. "Cemetery staff has done an outstanding job of landscaping the cemetery, which is impressive with three grounds staff and the director actively involved with landscaping throughout the cemetery."

Congratulations to Wes Block, Cemetery Director, and the entire staff for their hard and deligent work.

Photo: The new KIA Memorial was dedicated in April 2012.


Both cemeteries are located in quiet, peaceful surroundings, and provide an atmosphere of respect and dignity to those who have served. The cemeteries were established in 1990 and have become the final resting place for over 10,000 veterans and their family members. One plot is allowed for the interment of each eligible veteran and for each member of their immediate family, except wheresoil conditions or the number of decedents of the family require more than one plot.

Specific plots may not be reserved as plots are assigned by the cemetery superintendent. Casket and cremation burials can be accommodated at both cemeteries.


Veterans and spouses can now be buried side by side at National Cemeteries.

National Veteran Cemeteries now allow for married veterans to have separate burial entitlements -- meaning that women veterans can now be buried side by side with their veteran husbands. The Nevada Veterans Cemetery does have an established procedure allowing the space next to an interred veteran to be reserved for the veteran's spouse if they choose separate internment.


This is a great change in procedure to honor our women veterans! If you have any questions, would like to pre-register, or make any pre-registration changes, you can contact the Northern Nevada Veterans Memorial Cemetery directly.


To determine if you are eligible, to make advanced reservations, or if you have any questions, please call either cemetery office at:

Northern Nevada Veterans Memorial Cemetery: (775) 575-4441

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